We get it... weddings are expensive! You may feel the urge to save money wherever possible, but photography is where you should never cut corners. One thing many people regret about their wedding day is spending too much time, energy, and money on the small details and not enough on the memories. After the big day, the photos and the memories they carry are all that live on. That's why it's so important to have a beautiful, accurate representation of your story.

With photography, you get what you pay for. Here are some of the reasons why it's better to hire a high-quality photographer:

A cheaper photographer has to pay the bills somehow. If your photographer isn't charging much upfront, expect to see a few tricks used down the road, such as:

•  Strongly pressuring you to spend more after the wedding (upselling albums, prints, thank-you cards and merchandise)

•  Heavily marking up the prices of albums and prints (e.g. $1000+ for an album that costs $200 to print)

•  Limiting the number of photos you get and charging more for the rest

•  Only delivering unprintable low-resolution images, so you can't shop around or have them printed yourself

•  Watermarking the images (putting their business name across your photos) so you're doing their advertising for them

•  In some cases, not offering digital images at all unless you pay more!

A cheaper photographer will cut corners, for example by:

•  Limiting their time commitment to you, often to just 5 hours, so if things fall behind schedule, you may have to pay for more time

•  Working solo; having no second photographer means no backup to ensure that your important moments, like the first kiss, are captured

•  Using cheaper equipment

•  Putting in as few hours as possible before your wedding, and not coordinating with other vendors to ensure the best shots

•  Booking too many weddings, leaving less time to process your photos and often delivering much later than advertised

Standardizing their work, so the end-product has a more cookie-cutter feel rather than telling your unique story

With Abeona photography, you'll never experience any of these problems. Click here to learn about everything you can expect when you book with us.

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